Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Depression, a spreading major epidemic

Lately, this thing called depression is everywhere. I see it in front of me, next to me, in my rum (me and my rummate are depressed), under the table, on the chair. Now kids..the word in front, next, in..what are they? [Prepositions you moron! Get back to your writing]. Right...sorry, was in practicum mode just now. :D

Recently, friends have been looking so gloomy, distant, annoying, very dark, and you can feel the evil aura surrounding them and it's sticking on others. Now, if you are unsure if you are depressed, go here to test for your depression level-crap-thingy.

See diagram below. This is ze brain of a depressed cat taken, and compared to a non depressed cat

The depressed subject used in this study is Bob as seen in the picture below.

And the happy subject is seen below~~

There are a few reasons why people get depressed.
1. you got genes that make you go cuckoo~~~ i.e, genes that attributes to depression.I dunno how that works coz I'm only a TESL student...not a chemist. (pragmatically wrong:D) are traumatized because once upon a time, you saw a chicken crossed the road and a car ran over it and it died, then someone just scoop the corpse off the road and turn it into "ayam penyet". Its a circle of life man, get over it! :D And you are stressed over no money..(i can relate~~*counting days for allowance to come out)Come out come out wherever you are!! My preciousss~~~~~~~~

3.The third reason for being all depressed is that you always think about negative things. Seriously man, you could go crazy! Sometimes, people think lowly of themselves, thinking that they are unworthy for love, friendship, a happy family etc. Stop thinking so, when you fall, get up and walk. Don't just sit there and cry. Stand up, wash your wound, and start walking.

4. Another reason one could be so depressed are caused by your physical conditions. Serious medical conditions like heart disease, cancer, and bla bla get the gist.. Or course, when your body dun feel good, you of course, don't feel good too. But remember, what goes on in the mind, brings effects onto your body too.

5. Other reasons of depression are caused by disorder of your head :D. Psychological disorder la.. Maybe you are anxious over something, or nothin at all. You eat wrongly. You are crazy. Or maybe you are taking recreational drugs. You know la..malas la wanna explain..~~~ *yawn*

I'm writing this for numerous reasons. I'm concerned over friends that are not as crazy and hyper as they used to be. It scares me. I'm feeling a bit depressed too, since a few moths ago. I am feeling like this because i am most probably homesick and worried over family members who seemed in a mess everytime I'm far away, or for no apparent reason at all. Friends, i hope you the best in everything. Talk it over with others and eat proper food, go out and get enough shoppings..i mean, sun light. Play some games.

I noticed that i am rather sarcastic, easily annoyed, uninterested over things, feeling tired most of the time, and i dream not so pleasant dreams so yea, it does sound like symptoms of depression. But i do try to cheer myself up, and friends, you should too, Don't allow it to swallow you up. Go kick ass!

I googled these information and this is just little out of what i've read. There are articles on depression that i think you should read to give some understanding of what you are going through. It might be past events, your environment or simply, just your hormones raging. So read up and it may (i hope) help you to overcome whatever it is.


  1. Dear...

    I got normal life mood. ^^

    Hehe... you go back homelah, even just for two days... or else wait for Hari Raya ler yer... sekejap ja ya, another two month. =)

  2. Oh no. The depression test. I got 15. The start of "headed towards depression". O.O

  3. Connie: Haha..i wish i could but no money ma~~ and two months is a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time...terpaksa depress di bangi jak

    Ah Sze: Heading towards depression? Dude, get help : hajaskjdflkf.kjweqh.