Tuesday, August 10, 2010


I took a nap, at about 6pm till 8pm.. I was tired as hell and i slept deeply. I had a dream about fishes.. colourful ones, that had feet and they walk out of the water and away to other places. It actually seemed like they had four fins below their tummy, and had used them to walk, maneuvering through pebbles and rock. There were blue with orange stripes, and red with green..lots and lots of colours. Then there's goldfish, really bright. They had scales that were so shiny you thought it would actually be gold.. I would draw it but unfortunately my scanner isn't working at the moment..so any sketches would be useless. Then there were fishes that were all black but could stick out their tongue to feed, and they feed at the water banks.. (fish have tongues?) ...need to find out.. :D

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