Thursday, August 26, 2010

Pencil and paper

Yawn.. For fun i draw. I draw for fun....~~lalalalaaaa~~~


A sketch of Alex

This was a sketch of one of my characters in my story i'm currently working on. Here she's battling her inner demons, i.e, her pass life.

This is a character from my story as well, and is based on a friend named connie whom recently i just hacked her facebook account...(here's your proof Connie!! Yuhhuu, confession here!! Miahaha)

This was just a simple sketch...of a girl resting againts the tree. If any of you could read japanese (but no gurantee my grammar is correct) you'll understand..maybe you get the idea of the sketch. But i guess you don't need the japanese wordings to get the feeling of the girl.

I was in class and i was sure bored as hell so hence the birth of this lousy sketch.

I was rather homesick so you figure why i drew this...

I hate this question more than anything else... miahaha! The figure was inspired by Connie's pink shirt i think..

MOns tido.. :p

Things people sketch when they are bored to death...

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  1. =) u really love me isn't it? *kelip2 mata*

    and why is my face very the jambu one? muka aku jambu kah? aku macho ler... *I demand a more macho drawing... miahaha!*