Saturday, December 18, 2010


I promised myself that this blog will talk of nothing but happy, funny and neutral crap to humour myself and readers...(assuming there are some). I am making an exception now.

On the 17th, about 12am, my niece (a 12 year old girl) ran off with a 26 year old man. She is the daughter of my cousin, whom I care deeply of. At the said hour of the unfortunate event, my cousin had a feeling that compelled her to get out of bed and when she did, she opened her front door to have a look. And when she did, she saw her daughter, about to take off with some asshole man. My cousin tried to pull her daughter but both of them/the man pushed her down, and she scraped her knee. She hasn't slept or ate since.

They called for the police, and the police informed that they had to wait for 24hours before taking action. But here's the problem. The child is 12 years old, not some adult! I thought Malaysia had started implemented the Nurin Alert, but looks like crap to me. Okay, we waited 24 hours.....

Then, we checked back with the police, which later informed that they'll have to wait for Monday to act.

Imagine this:::
Victim: Help! I've been robbed!!!Police, do something!
Police: I'm sorry ma'am, it's after 5pm. We'll wait for office hours.
Victim: $%^*&^(*&!!#$@$#%$

Mesra , Cepat & Betul my ass...

I'm frustrated nothing is done. People had to pull strings to get help. Can't you see how corrupt our institutions are? I officially look down at police who does nothing to help. We're screwed...our justice system is screwed... this sucks. 

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