Monday, December 20, 2010


My cousin went back to the police and reported the missing child again, but this time they had a different answer... According to the police, the case is considered "kes ringan" *!@#$!! and that it will take them about a few days to 6 months to act. After hearing that, we knew we cannot rely on the police.. ass***s..

Maybe its not their fault..maybe there's a mass murder had taken place in Kuching, or that someone is plotting world domination that we don't know of, and therefore they had virtually no time, or even a single police officer to look into our case.

Now, we continued our search on our own, but we're getting nowhere because we have no authority and resources to question our leads and to clarify and confirm the identity of that man.... I wonder that perhaps other parents who had their child missing, face similar problems as we do.

Something must be done

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