Sunday, January 23, 2011


I'm angry, but not towards you, well maybe, and you know i don't stay angry that long. I nag like hell, that i do, but as usual, i nag because i think the nagging part is a must. I hate it when people hurt you, physically or verbally, and i freakin hate the fact that you hide it. And finding out through your slip of a tongue isn't that great either. I know you're suffering, and hurting inside, but why must you subject yourself into it? I can never get this of you. You sacrifice so much for others, and they never in any moment of their lowly life, ever considered you. Just please, take care of yourself coz u're so far away, and we're here. But you know we'll come running to you (in my case, i'll ride my awesome and fast bike) if you give out the batman signal. We'll kick ass for you. We'll come up with creative insults for you. But mostly kick ass.. :D Be safe please.

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