Friday, April 15, 2011

Lesson 7

Lesson 7
Today, we went to the lunging area. Where it all began... i thought, heck maybe the coach is bored, since he wont be riding with me... and i thought it would be one hell of a boring ride. But before, i was helping out with RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association). Amara and I were helping disable kids to ride. There were three kids at the time, can't remember their names....apologies. But i knew they were autistic and the kid that was assigned to me seemed to have the Down Syndrome...maybe... Anyhow, i had Cannon, a horse...quite a terrifying name for a horse.. :D you'll see why soon enough. So Amara and I helped and the horse was quite stubborn...lazy to be exact. So i had to be Aliks when dealing with Cannon...stress.

The Program is wonderful actually, fully sponsored by the Selangor Turf Club. I love this place more and more... :D I wish i could have stayed longer... anyhow, i continued my lesson. Was riding Cannon since he's all saddled up.

This is where the fun begins~~~
For the record, beginner students learn the trot. Look it up. But my coach says that i progress fast.. a NATURAL RIDER... aku apa gik, kembang hidung la... Lalala.... Hehehe

So, he made me do the canter.... stress... Do anyone know what a canter is? Look it up... its a fast paced movement than the trot. Zainal made me do the canter and i was successful after 2 or 3 steps..not bad :D bangga... then trying for the final time, canter...canter..and at the swerve, the momentum pulled me off the saddle and i slip to my left side... landed on my hand, my left side ass, and then my shoulder.. Whoahh!! The agony! My first thought, "did i land on poop?" Looked around "Nope..." ""

It took me a while to stand coz it hurt sooooooo bad... and when i finally did stand up, i see now, Amara was at the distance, approaching with Adi but Amara looked a bit weird...and later did i realized she was wet...Miahhagfusgflsbdkjghskdj

Anyhow, i see Amara, black spots and my vision became like tunnel vision. Stress... then felt like there's no gravity.. Obviously, i was about to faint but i put my ass down. And when i tried to walk again, felt like the world is darkening... Thank God for Amara for supporting me.. hehe.. if not, i would have kissed the road.

Anyhow, after bla bla bla bla...back pain....blabla bla....can't walk...ass hurting....yada yada yada yada ..maggie goreng...teh o ais limau..yada yada bla bla car...back UKM...

We went to P.K. Pusat Kesihatan.. Love it there...very efficient.

The door was locked and when Amara asked whether we could just wait inside, the answer was.. "no". Then we thought perhaps the emergency department would open. It is after all, emergency department.... you think it would be ready....but's not. I don't complain for fun...but this is beyond ridiculous. Even heard that someone had an accident a few years/months back just infront of UKM gate, but it took them 30 mins to respond. I mean, this is not some paperwork you can just postpone. A life is at stake...

So when it was eventually my turn to see the doctor, the doctor managed to say to us that they had only one hour break/lunch time. I'm not clever and all, but i believe there is a system called SHIFTS. Where when one doctor is having a lunch break, the other would tend to the sick...and then take turns... stress. Maybe i don't understand the situation, or whatever, but when you are responsible for one's health, ya know...shouldn't you be good at it?

Since the X-ray guy is on leave (am not surprised), i was referred to the Serdang Hospital....took me 2 hours to get to the doctor and the x-ray done, another hour wait for another consultation. We arrived at 3pm, came back at 7.20pm..about that time. stress... all the while, i had nothing to help with the pain..tahan jak la...

For the record, my ass is fine. My bones are intact (though the doc tells me not to move the area too much..but that's impossible considering that the ass is what keeps you moving), swollen and internal bleeding jah...bruises...nothin serious.....and I'm allergic to the pain killers. Swollen eyes the next no pain killers for me.. T.T. Panadol jah...

No one is to blame for the's a must for horse riders.. quite the fun actually. :D kidding...i can now enter "fall from horse" into my list of injuries/accidents. Feelin a bit dizzy, maybe time to sleep da...

Thanks Amara, for all the help.. Without you, I will suffer.  And Aine, thanks for the care...hehe...sorry lah jee.. (bukan nya ko baca blog aku, erase jak thank you dedication tok).. Thanks Julian for free McD food, tapauing for me. And thanks to those who care...ilek la...aku okay jah. Aine ya emos..

By the way, Amara Yeoh Jo Ann fell into a huge puddle of water while on the horse. Bhahahah! She was wet all over, and shirt muddied.This is so coincidental...happened on the same day... Ngee... Seriously, even though you (Amara) are hurt as well, you still helped me go through everything, rolling me here and there at the hospital ... I'm almost...almost touched. :D Lets go to kenny rogers, my treat...

Although i was tossed off Cannon (irony), i can't wait to be back on my ass  feet soon for more..more..MORE...MORE!!


  1. yea kau pun allergic pain killer like me. should we celebrate>??haha take pictures of your swollen eyes then we can compare with mine.hihi anyhoo, get well soon. kelak pegi exam ngn aku jah. i've saved a spot in my car for you.

  2. Ahaha...yea. Cis la pain killers ya. stress pepagi sik dapat bukak mata. Sik sempat ambik gambar swollen eyes..ehehe.. thanks for the invite :D really appreciate it~~~ *menangis terharu*

  3. jee, cekdisaut~

  4. I'm waiting for your more. can't u stay here longer? come with me to the turf club.. i miss riding a lot. Adi's schedule has been full this week.. and i've finally gotten one lesson today at 4p.m. only to have to cancel it..i'm so FRUSTRATED!!!!