Friday, June 17, 2011

Hello, long time no see.

Wow, this blog has been totally abandoned.... *vacuums the whole place*..achoo! ~~~ sniff sniff... is there something dead in here? *febreeze* 

Well, a little update since i woke up this morning feeling like wanting to write something. Ahaks.  After battling some depression due to boredom, unemployment, self loathing, sleep deprived, and feeling like this "county" where i live in suck like hell, and nothing to look forward to, i figured i should create a list of things i can aim for, ya know, to look forward to. 

Alex: my life sucks
Aliks: shut up.
Alex: my life sucks...
Aliks: shut up
Nad: Both of you shut the **** up!
Aliks: You shut the **** up!
Alex: My life sucks.

(To those who don't understand, these three are my alter egos. I use them to write my stories or to just goof around. Alex: the childish one. Aliks: The grumpy one. (They are twins) Nad: The in-between, sometimes refer to their sister.)

Anyhow, i might as well just present to you my "goals" for the "future" ahead.

1. take scuba diving license
2. travel to China, Japan, NZ,
3. take international English certificate
4. migrate sucks..
5. join a charity organization
6. oh wait...pass my KISSM ngee...haven't open the damn book yet (this should be number one but nah...)

Well, that is all. Now i have to go run things...sigh~~ 

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  1. Alex and Aliks and Nad are FUNNY hahahahaha~
    Wow, your goals sound so nice. Go go go! Wish you all the best in achieving them. ^^