Thursday, August 25, 2011

Cohort 4 Adventure : Chapter 1

The girls were shrieking as they jumped from the speedboat onto the wooden planks of the jetty. The boys, namely Menn and Julian mocked the shrieking though given the deathly glares by the girls. They couldn’t care less. All twenty six college students walked up the bumpy uneven wooden planks of Pulau Momok’s only jetty, all except Aine managed to get up the planks with their luggage of one week’s worth of personal needs.
            “You okay?!” Nad yelled from the top. Aine was struggling to drag her wheeled luggage. The plastic wheels kept dislodging between the void and the cracks of the jetty. After kicking and wailing in disappointment, Aine carried her heavy luggage and stomped all the way up. A few of her classmates giggled as expected at Aine’s little trouble, but did not bother to assist. Why should they? – they thought – it’s amusing to let her be.
            Two vans were the first thing they saw, parked in the deserted car park, with a scruffy old man leaning against one of it scratching his chin and grinning. He was waiting for the party, specifically Hua Chien since he was in-charge of transportation. They exchanged some words most of cohort 4 didn’t understand, shook hands and left in a hurry.
            “What’s his hurry?” Olivia mustered and nudged her friend, Ah Sze who shrugged.
          “Maybe coz they called the island Pulau Momok,” Nad answered and chuckled, but neither got her joke.
            “Huh?” Ah Sze made a sound.
            “Ya know, momok...? Ah forget it,” Nad carried her luggage and loaded it into the van, along with the others.  Hua chien was the designated driver and Julian on the other. Both vans drove away.
 “Okay turn here now,” Aine instructed from the back seat, attentively checking for coordinates. Hua chien obeyed and Aine’s phone went... “Recalculating...recalculating...make a U-turn”. Everyone sighed and Aine smiled apologetically.
            “It’s confusing okay!” Aine defended herself.
            “Please la Aine,” Nurul said though her sight remained on her phone as she vigorously typed text messages as she did since they first arrived. 


  1. Wow! A story for me to read~ ^^
    Am so honoured to make an appearance in the 1st chapter. lol :P

  2. serves me as an entertainment :) gud job tt u're still writing :)