Thursday, August 25, 2011

Chapter 2

They finally arrived, and got out of both van. A mansion stood on the top of the hill, and it was well maintained, but empty. Some stretched, others were busy taking pictures, posing as the scenery of the ocean as background, the boys mostly played the kiddy ball they bought earlier kicking it around, Ka Phin and Wendy were checking out the scenery enjoying the breeze and, Nurul and Leen were holding up their phones in the air walking aimlessly for a strong phone signal. Cohort 4 seemed like kids in a fieldtrip, chaotic and loud.
            “I guess this trip is gonna be the best ever,” Saiful commented and brushed his hair behind his ears. He was trying to reassure himself, as most would. They haven’t been on such a trip before. Jagoi’s Social Service trip was the last trip the group ever been to and since graduation is just around the corner, they decided to make it special.
            After wrecking havoc and wasting time in front of the mansion, the group step foot into the majestic building and the receptionist greeted the noisy party. The mansion’s interior showed characteristics of British influence, with wooden stairs that starts from the centre lobby and divided into two which connects both left and right wings of the mansion. Amara was admiring the interior, taking pictures of the chandelier hanging from the high ceiling.
           Nik hushed his younger mates before he addressed his greeting to the receptionist. She was as petite as Nurul, with child-like hands and face. She greeted Nik, the apparent person in-charge.
            “You must be Mr. Razin, “the receptionist assumed. She was not wearing a uniform, just casually dressed.
            “Yes I am...miss...”Nik returned.
            “Susan, I’m Susan,” she flustered. A little giggle came from behind, when Menn was mimicking the entire exchange with Julian, unaware by Nik and the receptionist they had just met. The drama practice is still in everyone’s head since it was only a few days ago after the Rumplestiltskin performance. Again Nik hushed the loud party and led them to the reception counter.
            “Your rooms are on the right wing, 2nd floor, 4 to 5 person are allowed in each rooms. Here are your keys,” Susan explained and passed a small envelope that were already on the counter towards Nik. “Meals are served in the cafeteria”.
            “Are we the only ones here?” Ambun gently asked as he pushed his way ext to Nik.
            “Well, yes. You see, this isn’t the holiday season so usually we don’t get guest this time of the year,” Susan explained again.
            “Wohoo wohoo wohoo woot woot,” Julian cried from behind to which the party burst into cheering...again.
            “Excuse those kids. They are on crack. Thanks,” Nik said and ready to leave but Susan stopped him. She grabbed his hands, and held it tightly. Her eyes were serious.
            “One more thing, the left wings are under renovations, it’s off limits,” Susan warned firmly. Nik nodded, slightly freaked out but dismissed the feeling after he distributed the keys.

Mansion Map (Visual Aid for the moronic writer)
1st Floor

2nd Floor


  1. Interesting... sth scary's gonna happen? >.<
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  2. oh shoot.. she held my hand tightly!! omg.. haha