Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The cat named Tsabalala

There are alot of sayings that suggest cats don't give a sh** and that they couldn't care less whether their owners are around. The one i most remember goes like this, "if a human gives food and shelter, the dog thinks - she gave me shelter and food, she must be my god- but if a human gives food and shelter to a cat, it thinks - she gave me food and shelter, i must be their god.-

So, i was at penang for 10 days and Tsabalala a.k.a Shama as well as Kage (who dun give a damn) was taken care by my cousin. And when i got back, Shama will not leave my side...almost to the point of annoying.
He follows me everywhere meowing for attention. He's around all the time and inspired me to gossip abt him. I know animals aren't like humans but it had seemed he missed us, well me. Usually he meows for food purposes, but these few days he meows even after he eats and the food still plentyful in his bowl. When i am occupied with my new toy, hehe, or washing the dishes, or brushing my teeth, he'd just brush himself againts my leg and lay his head on my feet purring. Ngegeh.

This is him trying to win my affection and distract me from my laptop.
Mission:distract Nad from the shiny screen.
Solution: sleep on it.

Ps:chapter 3 will come soone to those who care. Lulz.
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