Thursday, September 8, 2011

Chapter 3

Chapter 3
Dinner was an assortment of local cuisine. The boys ate more than half of the buffet dishes, and the girls did more talking than eating.
“Did you guys know ah about the legend here on this island. We were talking about it in the room,” Visha started a new topic while everyone was trying to digest their food. They were sitting rubbing their tummies, while chatting amongst themselves.
“Nope,” some replied.
“Argh, I can’t listen to it anymore,” Wendy excused herself and returned to the room. Wendy’s response caught everyone’s attention, especially Amara who enjoyed mystery stories, and Julian who would put stories for his famous blog.
“This mansion right here belonged to this British guy,” Visha started her story. Hua Chien started giggling for some reason no one knows, maybe he was expecting some cliché stories.
“Ayoo, noisy la you,” Visha chided. And tried to continue her story telling.
“Faster la Visha!” Menn scolded.
“Okay okay. Haiya, I’m not the one who told the story in the first place. He killed his family and buried them inside the basement. He drowned his wife and burnt his daughters. I think he dismembered his servant or something. Then he jumped from that water over there,” Visha ended her story and pointed to a vague silhouette of a water tower. It was about 15 metres high, with windows build spirally around the tower. The sound of the crickets lingered in the room.

After a moment of awkward silence, the group burst into laughter but all stopped when a huge man with a butcher’s knife entered the dining hall. He was over 6 feet tall, had the bushiest beard ever. If he was happy and bright, he would have been mistaken as Santa, but he seemed grumpy, his white shirt stained, frowned huge eyes and he had crooked teeth.
“If you are done,” he said with his deep voice, “leave” and folded his hands with the butcher knife tucked under his armpit. The timing of thunder helped the huge man with the eerie effect. With haste, the party left the dining room and into the hotel lounge.
“What was that?” Hua Chien asked.
“Hagrid,” Nad replied. They glanced at the dining hall, and saw “Hagrid” cleaning the table.
The sun rose from the horizon and the girls jumped into the swimming pool. Visha was the only one swimming at the deep area of the pool, whereas Wawa, Aine, Leen, Nurul, Ka Phin and Amara were at the shallow water.
“The water is slightly salty don’t you think?” Aine asked.
“Whaddya expect? We’re in an island,” Amara replied and chuckled.
“Hey, the diving tower looks cool! Visha, give it a try!” Wawa yelled from the shallow end. Visha looked up and grinned.
“I will!” Visha got up and climbed the diving tower of about 4 metres high. Nad and Hua Chien came from the mansion and sat at the lounging chair. They were in time to see Visha make a jump.
“Nad! Come and try,” Visha yelled.
“Oh, no thanks. I have issues with heights,” Nad replied. Visha got ready to jump and stepped to the edge of the platform. Visha jumped as high as she could and dived into the water with a big splash. Meanwhile, someone from the mansion yelled...

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  1. eeeeeeeeerie! >.<
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