Sunday, October 3, 2010

Nothing Better to Do

Recently i bought a drawing tablet...and so far have tried to master the photoshop software. Simple as it is, these are my first few works and there will be may more useless and uncreative things that may come ahead. :p

There are many more but I'm a lazy gal. :D i hate uploading pictures... Pardon for the pessimistic and sadistic imagery.. It seems whenever i try to draw happy ones,it didn't turn out good. Hehe... Hey, art cannot be forced. Art comes when you have THE moment. Though what i produce cannot be called art, it is somewhat with similar concept. Ghehe.. dah dah.. mau tido.


  1. Heyyy! A drawing tablet??? Omg I'm hoping to get one... does it cost a lot? >.<

  2. that's art is even worst... they only come when i'm DEPRESSED... or shutting off... or upset... :P

    Except for sketchings of Meow of course... they come when the author is feeling hyper, mischivous and a little mean.. :P

    My alter ego
    -I trust you know who this is

    Penned by
    A trained and polished monkey (for its master following the resignation of Meow's official penner?)

    P.s Sack that I-bought-my-won-printer-traitor.