Saturday, March 5, 2011

Last Semester

Nurul commented on my previous post which made me think....yea, I might miss this place...but one thing for sure..


I gonna miss:

·        Ah sze's tok janggut and her violent nature
·        Aine's  laugh and smack
·        Amara's hyperness and emoness (in a good way),
·        Ambun's "kek!"
·        Crystal’s kindness
·        Edmond’s advices on computer stuff
·        Hua Chien's warm and cold jokes
·        Julian's badminton games and lepaking at mamak
·        Ka Phin's motherly-ish nature
·        Leen scavanging my room XD
·        Menn's awesome dance moves 
·        My roommate Wawa and her hamsters, and her crazy behaviour...
·        Nazim's politeness
·        Nik's sarcasm
·        Nurul's high pitch sneeze 
·        Olivia's smile
·        Saiful’s out of the ordinary laughter
·        Sarah's "HOI!"
·        Shafiq's blurness
·        Steve's "wadup?"
·        Visha's usual ponder of love
·        Wendy playing the piano
·        Woon Sze Ern's presentation
·        Zainal's usual craving for food :D

Yep, i'm gonna miss all 24 of u guys!!! HUAAA!!! *menitis air mata palsu (coz i don't cry in public...except for that time... Shhh Leen!!)*

     Seriously, we need to organize at least a small trip, to commemorate our last times together. We won't be seeing each other anymore...i mean, not as a group. I'm sure I'll be seeing Aine, Ka Phin, Sarah, and Leen....coz they'll be in Kuching once in a while at least...


  1. i actually shed tears after reading this....*not kidding*..visha

  2. im gonna miss yr curses, hahahah

  3. aku blur ker? frst tyme aku dgr.. haha!
    nice pOst.. PANGKOR!!!

  4. Visha: *bagi tissue* Nangis puas-puas~~ Muhahahajkdjasf
    Wawa: When you curse, remember me.. I will be there for you, cursing as well
    ShafiQ: Blur la juak.... Aku tanya ko, ko slalu jawab, "ntah, tak sure la" of course from my perspective la... :P Ahaks... (tapi skang nih tak sangat, last time la) Now, dah hilang da rupa blur kau.

  5. Woah. I'm so proud cz my name is first. hahahahaha xD

  6. n im so proudmy name cam last.haha..n nad's appreciation towards my food cravings.haha