Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lesson # 2

The trot....

See, here's the thing....i assumed horse riders don't do much. Heck, u see them sitting and telling the horses where to go... So i was like, hell, this is easy...even fairy can do it with his eyes closed ~  ~


Yea right! Easy my foot

But before that, Zainal, the coach, is the You-learn-by-doing! type of teacher. I am also the I-dun-understand-what-are-you-trying-to-say-but-i-learn-by-getting-my-hands-dirty type of student. So, we're a match... :D

First, control the horse. Make him obey you. 
Woody, the horse i was assigned to is quite stubborn. He don't give a shit. I mean, seriously...  there is a puddle, right in front of where the coach is sitting (and smoking). Every time i have to make a round in the court, Woody would stop in front or avoid the puddle. 
Coach: Make him go through the puddle! Show who's boss!
Me:..uh...okay ( respond)
Coach: Tell him what to do! Make him respect you...(something like that la he said, can't remember clearly..too busy being da boss)
Finally, Woody goes through the puddle....
me: phew...hahaahha!!!!!! in your face Woody!

Second, the rising trot
The idea is to rise and sit so it makes it easier for your horse to move...(checks internet) yea..something like that.. :D
Before the trot, the coach tells me to rise and sit and rise and sit....stress.. So, he goes:
Coach: find the beat and do the rising trot. Find your balance. Hands hold the two one two one two...
Me: Easy...peh. Piece of cake...
Coach: Ready
Me: Hell yeah!
Coach: Prepare for the rising trot...
Off we go...woody and butt hurts...the metal thingy brush againts my legs..ouch..mommy...

Third lesson..(we were progressing very fast....he says I learn fast.. I say, i'm just lucky...and am actually very worried) coach tells me to lift up my left hand while doing the trot.
Coach: I want you to raise your left hand while doing the trot...okay? ready? Prepare for the rising two one two..up down up down up down
Me: Die la...die la...
Coach: Okay, now, raise ur right hand.. okay go...up down up down up down.. okay...raise both hands...

Fourth Lesson
Coach: Okay, now you do the trot urself...i won't hold the control him, show who's the boss, rise up and down up down okay..
Me: Wait, i haven't drafted my will yet..(kidding)... 
Coach: Ready?
Me: Yea bebeh

After all that, we ended the class for the day...hell, it was tiring. My leg felt like jogging for one whole hour... I just found bruises at my calves.. it is shaped like the belt buckle. Stress~~~ We left the school ad went to McD
Amara: I feel so short
Me: too.....  Bubur Ayam McD satu!


  1. Hi there!
    hope you're a regular blogger cuz well, so that you'll see my comments and share your thoughts about it :)

    I've looked up the internet and then led me to your blog.
    such a small world because i just started horseback riding yesterday. the same coach AND the same horse! Zainal & Woody.
    so far so good, tomorrow's my second lesson. any tips or ideas on how I should prepare for the lessons?
    many thanks.

    new rider,

  2. Hello, Nur. :) You are with Zainal and Woody? From STC? Haha...lucky you. Tips? Well, let's see...from all of my limited experience, my tips for you would be:
    1. be confident, coz the horse knows if you are a scardy cat.
    2. go with the flow, don't be too stressed out. Enjoy the moment.
    3. do pat the horse, to show you appreciate his hard work.
    4. bribe the horse, get him some carrots/apples so he'll be a little attached to you. Maybe you guys can get along.
    5. and more importantly, Zainal always tells me this, Show the horse who's boss. :P
    6. Oh, one more thing, remember that the horse has its' own personality. There are times that it is in a bad mood, other times, he's just lazy...which will also bring you to tip number 1,3 & 4. Haha.

    Lol..thats all from me. Have fun horse riding. It is the best thing that I ever did and never regretted one second of it. More importantly, enjoy it.

    Not so experienced rider,
    Alex :P
    Ps: Zainal is an awesome coach. You are lucky.

  3. Thanks a lot Alex for your reply! and thanks for the tips as well!

    I know! right?? horses are really proud animals, if you're a beginner, he'll just bully you.. I had my second lesson this morning, phew! *EYE-BALLS rolling.. haha..
    this time I got Jimmy instead of Woody. Apparently, Zainal trusted me with THE horse (he said it's a competition horse) wow~ but WHAT?!

    i would prefer to stick to one horse though.

    so, I'm sorry to bore you with my stories :p but anyway, I did sitting trot again but without zainal in the lunging area.. (progressing toooooo fasttt 0.o) and yes, I had a whip too. and then, changing direction while doing rising trot...but as you've said, as soon zainal went out, the horse started to slow down.. i was like.. 'come on come on..' * while kicking and whipping. but he wont budge at first.. and you were right! Zainal will always say 'show the horse who's the boss, if not he'll bully you'... T_T

    it was quite hard to make Jimmy listen... almost at the end of the lesson then only, he listens to me when i kicked him harder. hahahahah ..

    and wait. you can actually give carrots/apple to them? wow.. do you have time for that ? hahah.. i will bribe the horse if i could. lol

    yes, Zainal is very good! AND patient :D he said he just finished the Sea Games 2013 and now preparing for finals in October. cool eh?

    Finally, this time.. finally.. lol... i really enjoy reading your horse riding entry. my sister was like... 'what are you reading.. why are you laughing???" haha.. she's also taking the lessons. and just got stepped by Woody today.. LOL..

    and sorry for you fall. hope it didn't cause you SERIOUS or long-term injury. I'll make sure to be careful :)
    Thanks again Alex!

    Nur :)