Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Chapter 10

Chapter 10
Previously on.....
“I can barely see anything!” Shafiq yelled to two of his companions as they walked along the road. They couldn’t reply as they were busy trying to walk under the heavy fire of water. Shafiq was leading, and the walks toward the jetty seemed like it took ages to complete. The road was almost similar to the ones used to climb up Genting Highlands, roads built around the hill. The destination was not that that far, but the only way down was to follow the road. 

Finally, as they stood at the cliff (as the mansion was on a hill), they could see the beach, and the jetty was surely nearby. Although far away, Shafiq knew they will reach their destination soon. Hopefully, there will be a ship passing through, or perhaps, a lookout booth equip with satellite telephones they could use. Those wishful thinking were harmless, Shafiq thought. At least there was hope of survival now that Harry was dead.  

Shafiq turned to his back to share his rejoice with his companions, but he saw no one. He was taken aback, wondering what had happened to Hua Chien and Menn. True, he was walking faster as compared to them, but surely not that fast that others were left behind.

Shafiq traced his steps, and he rely only his eyes to have a sense of his vague surroundings. The sound of droplets of water hitting against his plastic poncho and the occasional thunder made his hearing unreliable. As he walked further, he saw a figure lying on the ground, and traced red fluid from the body stream down by the rain water at his feet. He ran, knowing that it was one of his friends.
Shafiq knelt beside the fallen figure and pulled the plastic poncho that covered the face. Shafiq’s heart felt like it had stopped (urgh, I’m running out of phrases to describe the feeling of surprise =.=”) when he saw Hua Chien bleeding from the head. Closer inspection revealed that his left side of his head was hacked by something sharp. He could see brain matter on the road.

“It’s gonna be okay. I promise,” Shafiq tried to comfort his friend. He wasn’t sure what to do but he took out his bandana from his pocket and tried to stop the bleeding.

“MENN!” Shafiq yelled, again and again, but there was no answer. He was afraid, his instinct tells him to run, but he could never think of leaving Hua Chien.

“Hang in there. We’ll get help soon,” Shafiq lied. He could feel his chest contract and his pounding heart.

His dying friend tried to speak, but Shafiq could not make out any of the words Hua Chien was trying to say. Finally, Hua Chien was motionless. He was no longer mumbling and breathing. He was dead. (Lol)

 Shafiq was now unsure what had just happened, or even what to do. What had caused Hua Chien’s injury was mysterious. He scanned for sharp objects that may have perhaps been blown by the strong wind.

A fragment of a zink rooftops maybe – he thought. There were cases of zink rooftops blown and hitting a person. Shafiq was afraid to admit that the murderer is still at large and that they had murdered the wrong person, but the possibility is likely now that Menn is missing as well. Shivers ran down his spine as he realized that that was the only logical explanation. He ran into the forest, knowing that the road would make him a sitting duck. He ran towards the mansion, the only safe place where his friends were. He ran and ran and ran, looking back once in a while to make sure no one is following him. Running makes a lot of noise, but in this condition, the murderer couldn’t hear him.

Shafiq continued running and when he was looking back again, he bumped into something and fell to the ground. Quickly he stood up and saw a face he recognized. He would have rejoiced but a knife was sticking out of his at the side of his abdomen. His adrenaline initially masked the pain but finally it sink in as he tried to stand up.
Shafiq pulled the knife out and dropped it onto the grass. It was a small kitchen knife, but sharp nevertheless. Shafiq backed away but the person he bumped into came closer and drive another knife into Shafiq, slitting his stomach and pushed him down. The cut was not deep enough for a quick death.

Shafiq was horrified and knew the assailant would deliver the final blow. He closed his eyes and accepted his fate and uttered holy chants that could at least sooth him of his fear. When it took too long, Shafiq opened his eyes and saw the assailant was moving away from him, walking deeper into the forest, away from the road.
It was confusing, but now was the chance to leave. He was bleeding and Shafiq held his wound with his hand. He will walk back to the mansion, even if it will take him some time. He was already feeling weak in his knees. 

Slowly, he walked up the hill, hoping that he would make it in time to tell his friends of the revelation. He knew who the murderer was. He must warn his friends. Shafiq knows that his life will end on the island, as he could feel his intestines in his hands. Blood flowed endlessly. 

Okay, 7am da. Time for bed. :D Sorry for the late post, I wasn't in the writing mood, and didn't have any ideas. I was just making the story up as I go along. Lol. 

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