Saturday, October 29, 2011

Chapter 9

The lounge was lit by candles as electricity never returned. It was cold, and they lit the fire place for warmth and light. The wind could be heard, violently trashing the branches and trees against the door. The winds sounded like a giant whistling every now and then, sometimes making a shrill. The drops of rain also deafened their ears.
“Where are they?” Ka Phin asked, referring to the 3 boys who went into the storm.
“Maybe they got caught up. It’s difficult to see,” Julian explained and he took a peek at the window. All the assumptions, trying to rationalize everything has made all anxious and annoyed at the same time.
The clock chimed again and a crashing sound came after it stunned all. It was Wendy, throwing one of the logs onto the huge clock.
“I can’t stand the sound of it,” Wendy explained, and returned to her place.
For a moment, Julian had taken his eyes off the tower and return to look at it after. What he discovered was the light was travelling slowly to each floor, as if someone is walking down the stairs with candle fire.
“GUYS!” Julian yelled.
“What? Are they here?” asked the rest and came next to Julian who pointed at the water tower.
Those who saw had shivers ran down their spine.
“Someone is here!” Saiful cried and started to panic.
“May...maybe its them,” Julian explained.
“It can’t be, they would have come here. Why would they go to the tower?” people started questioning.
Lightning struck and the lounge was bright for a moment, long enough for Wawa to see the dolls were nicely arranged on the reception table like it was before.  She screamed her lungs out, and triggered a hysteric cries from all. Everyone’s nightmare did not end. They scrambled to the door to run away from the mansion but another lightning struck in front of them, too near to be true. It was as if a force prevented them from leaving the mansion. All of them backed away, into the lounge but far away, they could see a staggering figure coming slowly their way.
“Its the killer!” Saiful yelled and ran behind his collegues.
“,” Julian said and gestured for everyone to stay calm, “He looks familiar,” Julian said and squinted his eyes. 

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