Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapter 11

Lightning struck and the lounge was bright for a moment, long enough for Wawa to see the dolls were nicely arranged on the reception table like it was before.  She screamed her lungs out, and triggered a hysteric cries from all. Everyone’s nightmare did not end. They scrambled to the door to run away from the mansion but another lightning struck in front of them, too near to be true. It was as if a force prevented them from leaving the mansion. All of them backed away, into the lounge but far away, they could see a staggering figure coming slowly their way.
“Its the killer!” Saiful yelled and ran behind his collegues.
“,” Julian said and gestured for everyone to stay calm, “He looks familiar,” Julian said and squinted his eyes.
“Shafiq?” Saiful asked.
“Shafiq!!! Run!! Run to us!!!” Ka Phi yelled, as previously they had seen the dolls arranged itselves. The killer is still here somewhere.
Despite the cries to rush, Shafiq did not move any faster. Perhaps, by estimation, he was about 100 metres from the mansion, slowly moving.
“ he okay?” Wendy asked what everyone was thinking.
However, their worries were yet again increased when there is another figure in poncho behind holding what appears to be an axe. 

Shafiq’s head was decapitated in a blink of an eye, and it rolled down. The girls hysterically screamed and ran to huddle one another, and the men in the mansion turned as white as snow.
The killer, now visible to them, no longer a myth or ghostly; stood solid and in his hands were the axe dripping of blood. They had not noticed early, but he was holding a head in his left hand, and now moving to pick up Shafiq’s by the hair. Slowly, leaving the twitching body, the killer moved back into the woods.
After regaining control of their legs, all of them shut the doors and sat quiet in the lounge. They remained silent, as words were not able to describe what they had just witness.
“Another head,” Saiful said in between his sob.
“What do you mean?” Ah Sze asked, perhaps the calmest of all the hysterical girls.
“Besides Shafiq’s, there was another head. It's Hua Chien's,” Julian completed the statement.
They sat, unmoved for hours. Hours passed and eventually the cries and sobbing wears down.
“We have to figure this out. Who this killer is, and why,” Amara said, and stood up. “I will not let myself be sitting bloody ducks, waiting to be killed”.
“How are gonna you figure this?” Julian asked, willing to try anything.
“Look, remember the story Visha told us. The one with the man, killing his wife and all that. Do any of you guys see it?”
“See what?” Saiful asked.
“Okay, from what I remember, Visha said the owner drowned his wife, burnt his daughters, dismembered people, killed himself right?” Amara jogged everyone’s memory.
“Yes, Nad told us the story in the room,” Wendy said.
“Look, Visha died in the pool, Edmond was burnt by fire, and Nad....,” Amara said but stopped. Everyone was reminded of their fallen friends and the lounge was in stillness.
“There is more to the story,” Susan finally spoke. The shaky and timid voice broke the silence.

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