Saturday, January 9, 2010

Some art work..

Am now reading Arabian Nights and saw some of the illustrations in the book that i found quite beautiful. I copied one from it..

Then I browsed through the internet and saw this beautiful sketch of the goddess Athena and have always been a fan of Roman or Greek Myths.. (pardon the poor scanning job.. i was rather lazy to crop the image) Its not an exact copy.. i did change a few things...

This is the original image that i got from the internet though i don't remember where i got it...but its pretty XD. To the artist of this sketch..*4 thumbs up!*

And finally, I intended to draw a self portrait but it didn't really look like me so half way i changed it to an Egyptian princess since at the time i was going through Egyptian images(Though i am a fan of Greek myths, I am very passionate of the Egyptian myths and have used them in my stories). This sketch is also an illustration of how a character in my story is suppose to be. You'll notice a raven behind her..

Now, I'm working on Ares,God of War and will post it soon. But, it's not an original work, as i just found the images from the internet. The only original drawing her is of the Egyptian princess. I still have a loooooooooooooooooooong way to go.

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