Monday, October 3, 2011

Chapter 7

A sudden chime rattled the group and again panic ensues. The clock told them, it was 11pm, a long time to wait for sunrise.
“Everyone calm down!” Shafiq yelled at the top of his lungs. Everyone fell silent and the only thing they could hear was the rain and Aine’s sobbing.
“We have to stay together. Tonight, we will stay here in the lounge. No one goes anywhere and if you do, you go in groups of five. Do you understand?” Shafiq asked the terrified crowd and saw nods directed to him as a sign of acknowledgement. He moved to the reception table with Zainal and Nik. They glance at the dolls and counted that there were 26 of them, including the four damaged ones.
“There’s only 26 dolls right? So we’re not the target,” Susan said from behind. The whole exchange could be heard by the group and many formed speculations.

“That means that the target is us. Come on, this is premeditated. Someone planned to kill us cohort four. It could be you!” Ah Sze accused Susan. “That’s right. 26 dolls and you guys should not be in the list. You were down here, all alone when Nad and Sze Ern was killed. You have no alibi,” Zainal said and was interrupted by Harry.
“Now wait just a minute!”
“No! You have the time, you knew we were coming! There is no way a psycho would prepare 26 dolls...not if he knew” Olivia fought back.
By now, a majority of cohort 4 had their suspicions onto their hosts, the petite young lady and the giant.
“Look at him! He can easily take down two girls! Tie them up!” Nik yelled and all the boys rounded the two up. The girls and Saiful huddled, and moved away.
“Harry!” Susan cried and hid behind Harry who in turn took out a pocketknife to fend himself. The knife sparked intense fear and insanity.
“He’s going to kill us!!”Ah Sze yelled and some of the boys took onto them weapons, wood and iron tools from the fire place in the lounge, folded chairs, and anything they could find.
“No! No! He’s innocent! He was with me! NO!” Susan pleaded but even a huge man such as Harry could not fight against many men. He swung his pocket knife but barely caused any real damage to the frenzied crowd. Finally, unbeknownst by whom among the crowd, Harry was struck on the head by a folded chair. He fell to the floor and bled through his ears. Although he was down, they kept hitting him till he moved no more. One of the boys kicked the pocketknife and kept it away.
“Harry!” Susan yelled but she was then tied by Nik and Sam, and placed her against the reception table where he stood before.
“Are we safe now?” Wawa asked. Aine’s cries were getting louder and louder. Many of the girls closed their eyes for the scene they had just gone through was terrifying. However horrifying it was, they sense now that they are free and safe.
The boys were shaking and shivering. It was not because of the cold, but because perhaps they had taken a life. They reasoned that they had to do it. It was either Harry or them, to kill or be killed.
When they had calmed themselves, the boys dragged the body into the freezer to make sure he is locked, even though they were sure he is dead. 

At the freezer, Visha’s body lay frozen and so was Edmond’s. A stab wound was noticed at Edmond’s neck and Menn compared the pocketknife from Harry to the wound.
“It’s him. Look at the size of the blade and the wound. It matches,” Menn pointed out. Shafiq nodded in agreement, and the boys felt relief and assured that they had the real killer. Remorse was slowly diminishing amongst themselves as their actions are now justified for sure.
The clock struck twelve and chimed the happiest tune. Everyone waited for sunrise and thought of home. There are 5 bodies and a murder accomplice they have to explain to the police once the delivery boy comes and bring the police in. All will be well. Thoughts of their dead friends soon filled their heads and finally, they grief. The entire night in the mansion was filled with sobbing, sniffs, and cries – including Susan’s.  

Disclaimer: This story has nothing to do with real people (merely borrowing Cohort 4 as my characters) or events. It just came out of my sick mind. Lol. 

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