Sunday, October 16, 2011

The simplified Story of my life

Once upon a time, there was a baby girl.

They named her Siti Nadiah for some reason =.=". My parents fancied the name Nadia, taken from Nadia Comaneci, a famous Gymnast i suppose. *googles* Yeah, quite famous. =.=" 

See, her parents expected her to be as graceful as this famous Gymnast...Lol...
But expectations doesnt necessarily come true eh?

Ada la potensi juak maok jadi ayu time goes by...

Very the...

  (My first Violin performance)
 (First time wearing the Iban Traditioal Attire:::::Horror na muka aku)
 (Taekwando Sparing. I'm Red, i can't remember who the other girl is)
 (Singing Perfomance with....uh...Dewi, and Mariana? I'm not sure. I'm  the shortie one)
 (First performance in the drama/sketch: I'm in dark blue, seated in the middle, playing as Sultan.)
This sparked my interest in theater/drama/sketches
Another blurry photo 

( The four musketeers....Me, Amy, Lea and Farid )
(Primary 6)

(Nampak masa depan)

Sigh, so lazy to elaborate. Don't even know why i'm posting this anyways.....Just bored i guess. Nasibla...urgh... 


  1. weee~ I enjoyed looking at the photos and reading the 'story of ur life'. xD