Thursday, February 23, 2012

Chapter 21

“Should we follow the trail?” Steve asked. Having Nik with them could mean better chances of survival. They had already assumed that the basement party are perished, considering Nik is all alone, and running.
“We can’t bring Crystal up that steep tunnel,” Julian pointed out. It was true, and everyone acknowledged the fact.
“Look, we’ll stay here. You should go,” Ah Sze said.
“ this. If within 30 minutes we haven’t gotten back, I want you guys to go to the jetty carefully. Watch your backs,” Julian gave the girls instructions. Aine nodded, paying attention as she shivers. The wind was whistling and the trees seemed they were trying to fight the rough winds. Leaves were flying about, and the dark clouds covered the sun’s light. Julian and Steve left the girls to look for Nik.
The boys left, and climbed the steep tunnel.
“I think this is a bad idea. For God’s sakes, let’s just turn back,” Steve said.
“No wait. Here, there are footprints. Let’s just follow it,” Julian said. Steve forced his legs to follow, and trailed the footprints on the sands.  After a long walk, and several contemplations to return to the girls, they saw light beneath a door at the end of the tunnel.
“That must be Nik!” Julian exclaimed and rushed to the door.
As feared, the boys did not return. Aine refused to leave though 45 minutes have gone by without any news. Ah Sze and Ka Phin thus figured they should leave for the jetty. Aine had to follow as staying alone would be terrifying.
They dragged Crystal, and slowly, reached the jetty. They took shelter in a small abandoned small guard hut. There was no door.
“Why are you doing this? Let us go!” Nurul yelled. Her feet banged the cage.
Menn was sharpening pen knife, grinning but ignoring his prisoner’s pleas. Sarah was chained at the hands by the walls. Nik was nowhere to be seen.
“Menn! Please!” Nurul yelled again.
“Phobos,” Menn said.
“What?” Nurul asked. Menn’s voice was deeper than usual.
“I am Phobos,” Menn said, and stood up. His eyes glowed. The girls backed to the walls, afraid of the sight that was before them.
“I was once worshipped by men. Ironic is it not?,” Phobos spoke, and giggled at his own pun.
“You are not Menn?” Wawa asked carefully.
“Do I look like a mortal?” Phobos asked, rather amused. His hands waved the pen knife.
“If you are not a mortal, why do you use a mortal’s weapon?” Nurul asked, and the logic was undeniably questionable.
“We were trapped. In purgatory...But good James freed us. Amateur fool. He did not complete the rituals,” Menn, or Phobos said. “And we have to do it ourselves. As you humans say often, if you want to get it done, do it yourself”.
“Why us?” Nurul asked.
“Why not?” he giggled and returned to his seat.
“Let us go!” Nurul yelled but then, dropped to the ground. A pen knife was sticking out of her chest.
“Shh...too noisy,” Phobos said. Sarah screamed but muffled as she tried to keep her mouth shut. Nurul was lying on the ground, bleeding. Wawa gasped, hurried to Nurul’s side and was about to pull the knife out when Phobos said, “you sure? That’s a bad bad decision”. He leaned back to watch the scared girls trapped in the cage.
They cried in fear.
Phobos, the Greek god of Fear, again felt delight and pleasure as he would thousands of years ago.

PS: This is just fiction...i am as some would be aware, influenced very much by the series Supernatural. Lol. :D Hope it does not offend anyone...

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