Monday, December 12, 2011

Chapter 12

Previously on the vampire diaries....(chey)

“There is more to the story,” Susan finally spoke. The shaky and timid voice broke the silence.
“What do you mean?” Amara asked the petite receptionist. All eyes were on the frail, tied up figure.
“The previous owner... This was what...*Susan choked*...this was what Harry told me. A lot have said that he was a mad man. That he has lost it, his plantation was ruined and he was getting broke. Some say he was furious of his unfaithful wife. But we know a bit of the truth,” Susan explained.
Zainal came forward, trying to undo the binds Susan was tied into.
“What the hell are you..?” Saiful yelled, but Amara came to help as well.
“Clearly she is not the killer,” Amara justified Zainal’s actions.
“Thanks,” Susan muttered and rubbed her aching wrist. The remaining cohort 4 knew Susan would hold some vengeance, that they had killed Harry but tried to shift the guilt away.
“The reason this place was called Pulau Momok, was because of this owner’s history. It was and is beautiful. When my family bought this place, we had renovations. The locals at the main land village did not approve of our venture, they told us all the stories that I just told you. Nevertheless, we bought it,” Susan said solemnly. Everyone was paying attention, and even Nazim stopped his chanting.
“Go on,” Nik said.
“When we had to renovate this place, we found disturbing things. There were burnt marks in the left wing, and had weakened the structure. We assume the burnt wife part was true,” Susan said.
They knew the story, but what can be “more to the story” than they already knew. Susan realized and went straight to the point.
“The basement, below this lounge had symbols painted at the walls and the floor. We tried to clean them but it did not work, so we just closed the basement for good. But the symbols looked creepy, and frightening. There were candles and animal bones, and bowls, and also....straw made dolls scattered on a table,” Susan explained and glanced at the dolls. Amara felt goosebumps and a terrified look was on her face.
 “What? What?” Saiful asked. Leen and Nurul let out a faint “Oh my God”.
“It’s an altar. For worshipping,” Nik said and sighed.
“Worship what?” Ah Sze asked. Everyone knew the answer but dared not to speak of it.
“Let’s just say the dark forces. We had no incidents whatsoever for years, before you came,” Susan said again, almost indirectly blaming the party as the cause of the whole incident. “But the local said the island was haunted, hence the name Pulau Momok. Some say the owner wanted to make a deal know”. Susan did not finish her sentence but many had by now caught the train of thought Susan was trying to imply.
After a brief moment of silence, Amara started pacing around the lounge.
“Whatever that has been done, can be done by humans. If we’re dealing with supernatural forces, we should have been dead by now. Why the pauses? Why not just finish us off,” Amara asked the clueless party.
“’s a ritual,” Ah Sze asked, suggesting another theory.
“Well, whatever it is, we have to investigate the basement. It’s too much of coincidences to ignore the similarities. First light tomorrow, we’ll take a look and hopefully solve this and get the hell out,” Nik said.
“What about Menn?” Nurul asked. Menn was forgotten for a brief moment. They knew what had become of Shafiq and Hua Chien, they had seen it with their eyes. However, Menn’s disappearance still begged the question whether he is still alive, or dead. Should they look for him, or should they just assume that he is dead.
Despite the fear, Nik suggested that they get some rest, and told the rest to get some sleep and that he with a few guys will stay awake to stand guard. They had not slept for a few nights and as Amara pointed out can cause paranoia and disorientation. If they wanted to survive, they had to be in at least a good shape. Sam distributed bottled water to all to keep them hydrated and they slept in circles.  
Tomorrow, hopefully the mysteries could be unveiled. (i.e: when the author have any clue to what to write)
PS: Sorry no artwork for this one. :D

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