Friday, December 30, 2011

Chapter 15

They were gathered again at the lounge after storing their fallen friends in the same room freezer that once hold the others. There were no choices but to do so. Now, each of them thinking of possible explanation for the missing bodies and all had come to the same conclusion. There were no one but the killers had motives and opportunity to move the bodies, but what would be the reason is a mystery yet to be solved.
Zainal’s mind hovered to the thought of killing one of his classmates to save himself. He weighed the possibility of committing the act, while rationalizing his innocence. I kill to save myself. It’s done in self-defence – Zainal assured himself, but to actually kill is not easy as it seems. To take another’s life takes more courage than one thinks.
“I have to,” Zainal tried to convince himself, chanting the mantra as if it could give him the will and the leeway from sin. He held in his hands a small screwdriver he had picked up at the kitchen, which he managed to hide underneath his jacket. His hands were sweating, and shaking. “Who should I...?” he asked himself, gazing into the faces of his terrified classmates.
Steve’s eyes met Zainal as he scanned through the lounge. Both were startled at the act, as if sharing a common thought.
“I’m going to the basement now. Who is with me?” Amara asked. Nik raised his hands, and Wendy, Ambun soon followed.
“I think know where the basement is. I’ll lead you there,” Nik offered. Nurul followed as well, citing that doing nothing is killing her, literally. Wawa and Sarah agreed and decided to follow as well. There were now seven of those who wished to venture into the basement, and another seven remained.
The seven companions moved to the kitchen, following Nik’s lead. When they finally reach the kitchen, Nik scanned the area, he then pointed a door hinge that was almost hidden by a huge refrigerator and moved it away from the walls with the help of his friends. This act revealed a worn out door, nailed shut by planks of wood as if keeping away zombies from entering the mansion. (I play too much Counter Strike Zombie)
“How did you know it was here?” Amara asked.
“I saw the hinge the last time we were here. I figured that must be the basement entrance. Susan said it was under the lounge, so the only possible explanation was that the entrance is in the kitchen, and plus, my guts tell me so,” Nik explained to his sceptic friend. They pried the planks open to see darkness below. The stairs leading down was made of wood, covered by mould and fungi, and tiny dust flew about as they light the entrance with their torch.
“Well, here goes nothing,” Nik said, and walked down the stairs followed by Amara and the rest.
The Lounge
While seven made their way to the basement, the remaining seven stayed, sitting at the sofa at the side of the room, avoiding the blood smears on the wooden floor which by now had dried up.
Steve folded his hands as he leaned in the corner, observing everyone. Aine was sobbing still, but quietly as Ka Phin put her hand over Aine’s shoulder, as a little effort to ease her friend’s fear. Zainal sat while his feet got into a fit of restlessness, tapping onto the wooden floor like a river dancer. He seemed anxious to everyone but such behaviour was acceptable considering the situation they were in.
Steve started pacing about in the room, eyeing everyone. “Damn damn damn,” he muttered, unbeknown to others as his voice was only to himself, and the sound of the occasional thunder did drain most of the noise in the house.
Steve peered in his hands, a similar note Zainal had previously. Steve’s note was crushed, as he constantly thought of throwing the stupid brown paper into the fire. The idea that the killer had snuck it into his jacket was eerie and scary enough, that the idea to kill in order to be alive was absurd.
“Fuc*,” Steve muttered again trying to stop planning a murder in his head. For all he knows, the killer might not keep his words after all.
Zainal rubbed his chin, noticing his beard had grown. He was looking at everyone, trying to figure out what to do, though his mind had already made up a decision. I will do it in self defence. The others are gone, there won’t be an opportunity like this – Zainal thought, but the question of who to kill needs to be done carefully. It should be an easy kill, and done quickly to get it over with.  
“Aine, no...She’s too loud. Ah Sze?  Too tough... Julian is out of the question, Steve...? I can’t manage him. Ka Phin would never leave Aine’s side, Crystal....yes...I can finish her off, yes...but how? Lure her somewhere? Then I’ll be off this island for good..yes....I’ll be alive” Zainal whispered for his ears only, and he rubbed his fingers against the hidden screw driver. Zainal looked up, setting his gaze towards Crystal, waiting for the right moment to do the deed.

The story written is mostly to amuse myself and readers. The characters share only names and physical features, and some exaggerated version of our classmates so i don't mean literally and I'm not saying such and such person is wicked, evil, coward, crazy. It serves nothing more than entertainment, and just a way for my imagination to run crazy. I hope no one takes offense in my writing...*because I plan to add more wicked stuff in*, and if anyone notice, it has turned into a Supernatural-themed story. But, if there are those who wish to be off my story...please tell me and I won't include you in. Hehe..a bit too late for that don't you think Nad? Better late than sorry. *troll face*

This chapter is perhaps the hardest to write, literally banged my head on the desk for ideas....why? Because i have no idea how to conclude the story yet, and i cant prepare a proper scaffolding for the next chapter. Lol....sorry if it sucks...coz i think it sucks.. =.=" I need employment soon.

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