Tuesday, December 13, 2011

What a morning...

I had the weirdest morning today..weird by my standard maybe because I hadn't gone out of the house for weeks, months. Anyways, I couldn't sleep, as per usual and I had this feeling that I must go out no matter what. Perhaps my brain was telling me that it needed oxygen.

Anyways, I decided at 5am that about 6/7 or so, I would take a walk along the water front. My dad sent me to the jetty, and waited for the sampan to come and gather those who wished to cross to the waterfront. I didn't expect much of my little adventure, and had only planned to walk, have breakfast, and walk back, all the while keeping to myself. The view of the rising sun was spectacular. Although it was already entirely up, the reflection of the sun's ray onto the river was beautiful I wished i brought my camera along.

Anyways, I walked along the end of the waterfront to start my walk. I never knew there were people coming to waterfront for a jog, and there were many. Normally, people would not notice me. Wherever I go, I am one who does not stand out or I wished to be.  But this particular morning, I had joggers smiling at me and had seemed like they were wanting to strike up a conversation. (you know those looks or gestures people do when they want to say something? I saw that all the way). I was beginning to wonder whether I had something on my face, or perhaps I looked silly. I looked down at my clothes and concluded there was nothing wrong with my attire. There were others who were in jeans and checkered shirt. I paid no heed, and just listened to my mp3.

There was this man, who passed me twice and on the second encounter, he spoke to me. I was like "awkward" but I smiled and talked to him anyways. We had a short conversation....and apparently, his daughter studied at IPBL-UKM program, a teacher. He asked me where my house was and I told him. Then he said, his close friend (or some sort) stayed at the same are too. Marzuki was his friends name. And I was like...Whoah...I know the Marzuki fella, his daughters were my friends. I learnt that the world is small. What a coincidence to be meeting this guy - i thought to myself.

Well, after exchanging "good lucks" and "have a nice day" exchange, I continued my walk while listening to my music. As I was walking, a man, a security guard to be exact held his phone. I didn't pay much attention but then, I noticed then that his phoni direction followed my movements. Then, it occurred to me. "The hell? Is he taking a picture of me? Do I have something on my face? Dafuq?" i asked myself and gave his a "dafuq you doin?". He got it and quickly hid his phone.

"Why do you look so weak?" he asked.
"What??" I sortta snickered at the question. Whaddya mean WEAK???
"No, you look like you're weak," he said again.. [BM: Kenak nampak lemah gilak?]
"Oh...uh, I've got sleeping problems... hehe,"  I answered and excused myself. Then I thought "was that why people were smiling at me??? Fine, I'll smile and act like I'm energetic".

So, I walked and decided to go to Maybank to withdraw some money and when I exit, a man whistled as I walked by. "Dafuq with you guys todays???" I hurried my pace and went to McDonalds..

There was't anything much in McD, except there was a boy dancing to the Christmas song. I stayed for more than one hour as I was chatting with my cousin. It was rare to get her online as she is staying waaaaaayyyyy far from Malaysia. Anyways, the workers in McD were so friendly to me. Which again, was weird.... =.=

Anyways, I walked back through the waterfront, to get to the jetty. My pace was faster than before as it had seemed that it will be raining soon. I got into the sampan with 3 old men. They were debating on the pension's given by the government and I smiled at their hilarious exchange. Then suddenly, the subject changed onto women. There were saying that women nowadays wears trousers/pants (in my head, I was like.. What the??), their skin (things that shouldn't be displayed) shows to much and after that, he pointed to me. I was like panicking. OMG. Then he said again, "But look at her (referring to me), she looks proper, covers her legs, her body. She looks neat. Unlike girls we see now everywhere "he said and they agreed, laughing and started to talk about women in those days". (I was smiling all the way and could not find a suitable response). Major Awkward Situation.

As the sampan reached it's destination, they paid for my fare. I refused but it was 3 against one. I had to give in. So, i thanked him all the way feeling weird..and grateful (sort of). So, when we head our separate ways, I discovered that the "van sapu" that i normally get on to reach home wasn't available at the moment. The drivers were washing their vans and some were sleeping. So, there was no chance in hell, I could get a ride but I had already a Plan B. I wanted to waste time at the Orchid Garden, just 100 metres from where I was and walked towards the garden. As I walked, I saw the old me passing by in their car and bikes. Then, the last one came and stopped next to me. I was like "Oh Boy. Go away...please."

"Where is your house?" he asked.

"Just near by. I will walk there," I said ready to leave.

"Let me send you,"he offered on his old rusty bike. I refused profusely, but he insisted. I couldn't argue with him further. He is after all a very old man, and from the sampan, I could tell that he was a man one can trust on. I did not want to take up on his offer because:
1. I do not know him
2. I did not want to burden him
3. I don't have a helmet for God's sakes.
4. refer to number 1

In the end, I got home with his help eventually. And when I had reached home, I thanked him and bowed like a Japanese in gratitude. I learnt his name was.....surprise surprise...Marzuki. =.=" (heard that name twice today, from strangers)

Although it wasn't at all an extraordinary adventure, it was nevertheless....abnormal, unusual by my standard. I had a free ride home. Moral of the story, get out of the house and get a life (but do be careful of strangers despite my fortunate meetings).  Well, tired as I am, I am still unable to sleep hence the reason why I'm writing this.


  1. wow...wonderful la...i think i've got to get out too once in a while...visha

  2. Lol...I wouldn't exactly call it wonderful. Haha.. It was just plain..WEIRD.

  3. I would loveee to hv those walk but too many weirdos in my kampong. =.= aanyway, good read =))

  4. hahahahahahahaha. i loooovvvveeee this piece of writing...can't stop laughing..wendy

  5. phewiittt.... hai adik manis.. - admin akustressgiler

  6. Nurul: Haha...yea, I understand but isn't there anywhere people go for a jog? Maybe you can go for walks there..
    Wendy: When I got home, I was totally speechless for a moment. I had this grin and finally I told my family members "YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE WHAT HAD HAPPENED!"
    Nik & Julian (but most probably Nik since he's trolling all the time: =.="

  7. wow! all I can say is ---> WOW!!! lol :P