Friday, December 16, 2011

Chapter 13

Amara woke up with a bad headache, and glanced at the guys who were supposed to stand guard. The guys were sleeping, slouching on the chairs with their eyes closed. The rain had finally stopped and Amara rubbed her eyes and stood up. She felt nauseated, perhaps due to lack of food. They had not eaten anything for days, and Amara noticed weakness in her muscles and body. Tip toing through blankets and bodies, Amara peered the window, just to have a look. The day was still solemn and dark, and Amara realized it was drizzling lightly. The hope of a sunny day was totally out of the question.
Amara stretched and turn behind her to find a hanging body. It was Susan, hanging from the second floor. A rope was tied at the stair fence, as the noose squeezed Susan’s neck. Amara gave a loud shout and awoke those who were asleep.
Disoriented and half awake, they turned to the source of the sound. Amara pointed to the cause of her distress and they saw to their horror, the body of Susan, lifelessly hanging herself.
They yelled and stood up. Ambun, no longer dazed, quickly ran up the stairs to cut down the rope. Susan’s cold corpse was caught by Nik and others. They loosen the noose and checked for a pulse, just in case. Nik shook his head, indicating Susan is dead.
“Oh god..oh god,” Nurul muttered and shook Leen to wake the still sleeping figure next to her.
“Leen...Leen!” Nurul yelled and shook her friends harder only to reveal what the blankets had covered. Leen’s throat was slashed. Nurul yelled from the top of her lungs and jumped away from the sleeping area. Others checked on the sleeping ones, only to be found that their throats have been slashed as well. All those who were alive got out of the sleeping area, vomited, crying and two passed out.
Frantically, Amara  took out her phone and checked to see if there was any signal, but as expected, it was in vain. She threw her phone and smashed the device as it hit against the reception table. All attention was on the reception table, and all saw the 5 of the dolls bled through their necks, and one with a noose made of white string hung loosely around its neck as it held the string it its own hand.


The bodies were cover with the blankets. Nurul was kneeling beside her best friend, as some of them were. Ah Sze next to Olivia with Wawa, Sarah and Crystal. Aine, sat in the corner, unmoved staring at the dolls wondering which one would be next. Ambun was pacing up and down rubbing his head. Julian was sitting on a chair, having a fit of restless legs.
“Okay, we have more that a killer, that’s that’s obvious from the beginning! But why? WHY? Why kill us?? And...and...I...I’m sure we were drugged. You all feel sick, and disoriented,” Amara said, as she bite her nails unaware now that it is bleeding.
“Sam gave us the drinks. That was the only explanation how we got drugged. That’s the only thing we had in common,” Ka Phin said. She was standing in another corner, away from the bodies.
"Is Sam one of the killers? Is he onto this as well?"someone murmured, but it did not matter now. He is dead.
Wendy suddenly took a chair and stood on it.
“Guys. Move away!” Wendy said, gesturing those who were near the body to move.
“What? What is it?” Amara asked.
“Why those five? Don’t you see the order of the bodies? Do you see what I see?” Wendy asked. She gestured with her fingers the position of the heads. Amara gasped in revelation. 

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